Today is Valentines Day

Today is Valentine’s Day.  I can tell you I have never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day.  Seriously you need a holiday to show someone you love them.  Today though, I felt the need to express my love to a certain group of people.

The reality is this, it’s no secret that I am not a fan of our local DHS office right now but what I want to express to you on this day is they are on my heart.  In a time where we are looking to place blame on someone it would be so easy to list each person’s name on how I think they have hurt us but the truth is this, I would never want to have their job and I have come to really love some of those people in our office.

Over our walk as foster parents I have made it a point to say thank you, send cards of gratitude and drop off random gifts of encouragement.  I’ve made it a point to bring them coffees at meetings and ask them how there day was going.

I can tell you on my darkest day of this journey when we walked into that office you could see in their eyes the sadness and the pain they carried for our family.  I can tell you when I think of DHS there are key players over the last 3 years that have sparked joy in my heart and really breathed every ounce of their being into their job.

The caseworker that gets I cannot do my job without vital information on how a visit went, the SSA that speaks truth into our hearts and fights for our foster loves while guiding the bios, the receptionist that remembers your name even though hundreds of people walk in and out of that office daily, the certifier that truly has the purest heart ever and your pain is his pain.

On days I felt no one was on our side they were the ones that reminded me that just because they work for a broken system not everyone behind those walls are as broken as that system.

I could never imagine what they see and deal with daily and at some point you protect yourself from that trauma, you have to.  So today on this day while I love my fosters ooohhh so much and man do you foster parents need some love I also want you to remember the good ones the ones filled with love that show up daily to love the messes in each one of us.

Happy Valentine’s Day to those that continue to show up and fight for change, you will never know just how important you are to us.