Recently I found myself in my kitchen doing the normal washing of 1,000 dishes.  It was the night before all the kids went back to school.  As I stood over my sink I felt my eyes getting tear filled.  It’s not because of the obvious reason of my littles and not so littles starting a new year of adventures don’t get me wrong that brings me to tears to but tonight’s tears were brought to you by my in-laws.  My mother in law had called wanting to take ALL the kids out for ice cream to celebrate their new beginnings.


If I was being 100% honest with you my relationship with my mother in law and my mom have not been good over the years.  I sit and think about when my husband and I started this journey of foster care.  We thought really about how this journey would affect our core four in the home.  I really did not think about how fostering would impact other family members.  There was really no discussion before our first placement except that we were doing this.

The tears that came to me that night over the sink were brought to you because I was thinking about just how blessed I am to have these people in my life.

We are family which means we are hard on each other and seen a lot of ugly in each other but what I have seen of my mother in law and my mom over the last 3 years has been beautiful.  I’ve seen women grow from their own past hurts and mistakes and breathe light and love into the orphaned.  I’ve seen women that I have not always gotten along with be my shoulder when I need to cry and the women that step up and take ALL my kids when we need date night or five seconds of quite.

No matter what I ask their response is always YES.

I’ve been blessed to see how the lord has worked in one that believes and one that does not.  I’ve seen women that were rough around the edges soften because it’s not so black and white now days with how we adjust to the ever changing family dynamics.

I’ve loved just seeing this different part of them.   

I’m thankful for these women and in all honesty the other family members that don’t ask silly question when there is all of a sudden more feet following behind me.  I’m thankful that the effort of what a family dynamic should be is displayed fully in my family.  We are not perfect but what is overwhelming and beautiful is truly watching how the lord and his goodness has not only shown up and heals the past hurts in our fosters but how he has shown up and healed past hurts in our own family.  Allowing both to grow closer to him.

These women hold me up in my pain, suffering and loss when we remove placements or have a bad day in court all while they hold strong as they too walk through the same valley as I do.  So THANK YOU….to my mom and my mother in law and to all of you out there walking along side us.  Thank you to all that support and show up for our family and other families like ours.  Because you choose to say YES were able to say YES and because you hold us up when we think we can’t, we can.