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We understand the importance of having people that can link arms and help change the conversation.  Our goal here at Geronimo Project is to have a wide variety of people that represnt the different fields, topics and items that come up when saying yes to kids in care.

Bonnie VanDusen

Founder & Executive Director

Geronimo Project was started because of Bonnie and her husbands yes. 

After searching for foster mams that looked like her and wanting to dig deeper in educating herself and the community she lived in she decided to start the Geronimo Project online platform.

She was amazed at other fosters stepping in and saying me too.  “I felt all alone until I actually started to really get vulnerable and that’s when others said me too.”

My commitment to advocating, reminding you to use your voice, to speak up for what’s best for them and for you no matter the cost to our hearts. 

To show up daily.  To risk it all. 

My hope with Geronimo Project is allowing the community to get uncomfortable and take action and responsibility for a broken system also while providing education and motivation to foster, adoptive and relative care givers.


Jamie Mockridge

Business Relations & Board President

Jamie & her husband Brian have three beautiful bio children and recently finalized their adoption of their fourth daughter. 

Jamie’s journey of saying yes to kids in the community started about the same time as our founders Bonnie journey.  Both built a relationship over wanting to say yes to kids in foster care all while holding the system and community accountable for their part.

Jamie and her husband own several local businesses and understand the balance and importance of family and community.


Jason VanDusen

Marketing Volunteer & Board Vice President

Jason is Geronimo Projects founder’s husband.  His love and service to kids in the community is non-stop. 

He knows first-hand what his role is to help support the kids in his home and his community.  He understands that part of the healing from trauma means showing up and saying I see you.

He was key in helping Bonnie walk through her own trauma recovery along with supporting her dream to advocate for kids in their community.

Jason has over 15 years marketing and design experience and loves using it to help grow service mission programs when he’s not working his normal 8 to 5 as the Marketing Director at a local hospitality business.


Carmella Jump

Community Relations & Treasurer/Secretary

Carmella has always wanted to say yes to kids in the foster care system but knows that her yes looks differently than those opening their homes.

Carmella & her husband Shane have three amazing kids.  Carmella understands the importance of healing from trauma and her role as a community member to help change the conversation to kids in her community.

Recently her and her husband took over her families name badge business.

Carmella was a key piece to our founders yes.  She provided a safe place to be heard and showed up numerous times to help support a family that was navigating the foster care system.



Recovery Relations & Board Member



Mental Health Relations & Board Member



DHS Relations & Board Member



Foster/Adoption Relations & Board Member



Church Relations & Board Member



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