Geronimo Project is a platform that started with the community we live in questioning what the foster care process really looked like.  The more I shared the more people wanted to support, invest and help change the conversation about what kids and families are walking through in our communities.

Geronimo Project was birthed out of a letter of prayer I received from a friend that had been praying over me.  God gave her a word for me-Geronimo.  His message, her words……He wanted me to jump-straight into my fear and when I jumped into that fear it would be the thing that would set me free.

Everything about foster care is equal parts good and bad, joy and sorrow, beauty and brokenness.  I wanted to shine a light on our journey and what saying “YES” to foster care really looked like in our community so I started Geronimo-Project

Geronimo Project provides an inside view of what foster care often looks like.  Topics like why you can’t give your foster child a haircut unless approved by the caseworker to larger topics like assessments, case planning, and reunification. Not all foster journeys are the same so we provide networking opportunities for foster parents to connect, along with community education events. 

At this time there are minimal resources advocating for foster families rights and the children they serve in Oregon and all over the nation. As foster parents, legally we have no rights or say in what’s best for a child in our care.  While there are some programs that are trying to retain foster parents, many foster homes in Oregon close their doors due to exhaustion in navigating and surviving the system.  As a community member that’s scary to hear.  In the United States orphan care is a huge issue but we are privileged not to have orphanages on every corner.

Geronimo Project’s vision is to bring positive change and support to the foster care system by changing the conversation. We want to share stories of redemption and hope in a transparent forum.  We want to share with the community ways they can serve foster children and families without opening their own homes. We want those that say “YES” to kids in care know they are seen, heard, supported and appreciated.

Help us change the conversation of what kids are walking through in your communities.

Bonnie VanDusen

Life has not gone as I planned but just like those little lives that enter our home there is so much beauty in the brokenness of my story.  God is somehow using me and my family, ordinary people, to reveal his grace and desires to our community.

I’m a bio mama to two teens Isiah & Nevaeh, an adoptive mama to a wild toddler Dominik and a wife to a great man Jason for almost 16 years.  I’m awkward, loud, and have a weird laugh.  I love deeply and have a no bs meter.  I love Jesus, wine and Reese’s.

Born and raised in CA my childhood was far from the norm.  I’m a child abuse survivor.  For over 16 years my father physically and sexually abused me.  At 16 I planned on killing myself but that’s when a complete stranger in my community stepped in and rescued me.  This is where I truly started to see the importance of community awareness and involvement.  One simple act of kindness changed my life and generations to come.

I have not always been a believer but He’s always been very present in my life.

Trauma causes wounds and those wounds led to bad habits and choices.

Fast forward to intentional healing in our marriage, for myself and finding out what to love and love others meant we eventually said yes to kids in care.

27+ kids in the last 5 years, one adoption that almost did not happen because of an assessment by the state.  We fought back and got our son back finalizing our adoption November of 2019.  We’ve taken the last few months to let things settle; focus on our new family while providing respite and support to others.  Our license is open and active but we’re using this space to heal a little and that’s ok.

This journey has reminded me of my why.  My commitment to advocating, reminding you to use your voice, to speak up for what’s best for them and for you no matter the cost to our hearts. 

To show up daily and to be His vessel.  To risk it all because they deserve it.  They deserve someone that is willing to let their heart break a million times so they are heard, seen and healed.


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