Life has not gone as I planned but just like those little lives that enter our home there is so much beauty in the brokenness of my story.  God is somehow using me and my family, ordinary people, to reveal his grace and desires to our community.

Born and raised in CA my childhood was far from the norm.  I was a child of divorce and remarriage.  A child of parents that were growing in age but still suffering in their own hurts.  For many years I suffered in silence at my father’s hands.  Until that one day that changed my life…..the day when a random stranger spoke into my life and forever changed the direction that I was going.


There are two important days in your life, the day you are born and the day you find out why.

-Mark Twain


My husband, I and our two kids moved to Grants Pass, Or in 2009 to be closer to his family.  We look back today and are just amazed at how far our family has come and thank God for where he has led us.  I’ve always felt a connection to something bigger and when I became a Christian a few years ago and laid down my past hurts at our heavenly father’s feet he has continued to remind me he has always been and will always be with me.

After moving to Grants Pass my husband and I found ourselves getting very involved within our community and with that involvement God has led us to become foster parents within our town. God has grown our hearts for foster care and we love pushing others to listen to his call on their lives.

The Geronimo Project was birthed out of a women’s retreat I went on over a year ago called Strike.  In a letter of prayer I received from the leader Gods word for me was Geronimo.  He wanted me to jump-straight into my fear and when I jumped into that fear it would be the thing that would set me free.

So I’ve said yes time after time to things in my life over this last year while keeping Geronimo Project as my little secret but here and now it’s time.  Time to stand arm and arm with others in our community to help bring change and truth to why we say yes and how saying yes even while foster care is equal parts good and bad, joy and sorrow, beauty and brokenness in the end it’s the fellowship the vital connection with God and others that gives us our very life and can happen only when we’re broken and given. 

Our hope here at Geronimo Project is to bring change to the foster care system in Oregon and support to foster parents and community programs while sharing our story of redemption and hope in a transparent forum. We would love to speak at your conference or church about any part of our journey.

Thank you for reading, sharing and PRAYING!